Rapp It Up Solutions offers Online Payroll Services using the SurePayroll system. We have chosen SurePayroll because it requires no software, no special equipment and no special training. SurePayroll's SecureTrak system allows you to leverage the speed and convenience of the Internet, so you avoid wasting time waiting for checks to arrive.

SurePayroll costs $60/payroll run plus $2.00 per employee. There are no hidden charges. Compare to your current cost (including cost for labor) and SurePayroll will save you 50% or more on payroll processing. Prices are subject to change.

Maintain Control
You review exactly how much money each employee will receive before deposits are made. Therefore, you can correct little mistakes before they become bigger headaches. With SurePayroll you decide when and where to process payroll.

Multiple Ways to Pay
SurePayroll pays your employees via direct deposit and sends them email notifications. They can go to our highly secure web site and view and print their pay stub. In addition, your employees will be able to review their complete payroll history and update personal information including address and number of dependents. You can also give employees the option of receiving an actual printed check, using your own local printer and check stock.

Eliminate Tax Hassles
SurePayroll automatically calculates, deducts, pays and files all taxes - federal, state and local. There is nothing for you to do or sign. Once you enter your payroll data, we'll handle the tax calculations, deductions and filings. We then deposit them into the appropriate government accounts. Plus, we keep up on tax law changes, so you don't have to.

Setup SurePayroll Service
You can enroll in SurePayroll in three ways.

1. Phone one of our SimpleStart experts at (415) 409-0810. Our experts will walk you through the process over the phone to help you enter the data and provide that extra level of comfort knowing that everything is set up correctly.

2. Fax us your latest payroll register and we'll enter the information for you. Our fax number is (415) 409-0811.

2. Email us your latest payroll register and we'll enter the information for you. Send email to shannon@rappitupsolutions.com.

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