Setup Install
We will work with you in setting up charts of accounts and other related accounting system functions in QuickBooks 2002. We will ensure that the charts of accounts match to proposed income receipts and that all expenses can be tracked, by client or other source. We will also assure that they are in consistent format with you entire Company.

Ongoing Assistance
We will make ourselves available on an as-needed basis to assist in weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual account preparation. We are also available for QuickBooks related assistance such as ongoing training and guidance. We will enter all receipts and year to date information to verify that we have Year to Date Financials all in one software program for the year 2002.

We can customize your reports in QuickBooks to give you the most up to date and important information in a form that is most beneficial to you and your business needs. Management report vs. an accounting report. Comparison of gross margins and analysis of data.

QuickBooks PRO Consulting
As a QuickBooks PRO Advisor, Rapp It Up Solutions can set up your company from scratch and customize your QuickBooks to fit your company's business.

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